Double J Ranch--DJR


Jeffrey & Jeanie Mills

Greenville, TX


"Great things are not done by

impulse, but by a series of small

things brought together"

--Vincent Van Gogh

  1853-1890 Dutch Painter

Selling down our fainting goat herd.  Great deals on females.

Good news for somebody.  I'm keeping only my older goats and have about 6-7 females I'd like to sell.  They are 100% fainting, registered in most cases.  

Invested in my neighbors cattle and have limited time.  These girls and young bucklings would add good color to your herd.

We are proud to be members of the Myotonic Goat Registry helping to preserve the breed.  All of our Myotonic goats are registered with MGR and are 100%  myotonic. 
Caesar is was born 2010.  I bred him with both Kiko and Fainting does.  100% pregnancy rate!!    Caesar has been SOLD!!!!  Hate to see him go, but went to a great family in Oklahoma

Cheech and Chong--born Nov 2013.  Sire is Diesel.

Some goats born Oct 2012.  

Diesel--huge 2 year old buck for sale.  SOLD!!
Up Close with Caesar. SOLD

Maya and Stormy