Double J Ranch--DJR


Jeffrey & Jeanie Mills

Greenville, TX


"Great things are not done by

impulse, but by a series of small

things brought together"

--Vincent Van Gogh

  1853-1890 Dutch Painter

Babies on the ground starting in late March--

Winter hasn't decided if it wants to leave or not.  We still have cold days, but signs of spring are beginning to show.

We've been short bucks for some time, and now we've acquired too many.  Pictures of bucks and bucklings will be posted in our "Goats for sale" page once I get it completed. I have a 3 year old blue eyed white/black buck, 2 bucklings born Nov 2013, and a buckling born Jan 2014.  The 2 bucklings are pictured below.  Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  These bucks need to be adopted to new homes.  Sire/Dam on site.  Caesar, pictured below, is also up for sale.  

We are proud to be members of the Myotonic Goat Registry helping to preserve the breed.  All of our Myotonic goats are registered with MGR and are 100%  myotonic. 
Caesar is was born 2010 and is related  to many of our does.  He is a great specimen with a gentle demeanor.  

Two bucklings for sale--born Nov 2013.

Some of Double J Ranch's newest  babies!!  All of these are girls born in October.

Thor and Taco-- the other studs on the Ranch.
Up Close with Caesar.

Maya and Stormy