Double J Ranch--DJR

Jeffrey & Jeanie Mills

Greenville, TX


"I'm a great believer in luck, and

I find the harder I work, the more

I have of it."

--Thomas Jefferson


All of our goats are for sale--some higher priced than others.  I'm also willing to trade female for female as I would like to mix up my herd a little.

Female Kiko and Kiko/cross doelings for sale.

For sale--

I have several Kiko and Kiko/fainting cross does I'm always in the market to sell.  These are hardy girls bigger than the fainting and a little more aggressive to the feed bow.  Plan to raise for mainly meat purposes only.  If you're looking for Kiko (unregistered), I sell the females for $125-200.  

These are 2 100% fainting bucklings born Nov 2013.  Father/Mother on site.  Will be large as Sire (Diesel) is large, mother med/large size.  SOLD

Diesel is a huge buck born in 2011.  Just over 2 years old.  Aggressive breeder and definitely and Alpha male.  For sale.  SOLD